What Is Google Analytics?

What Is Google Analytics?

What Is Google Analytics? | Once I do a seminar or a traffic that is training is among the things for the audience. Thats their definition for traffic is its type-in traffic users returning to your website using or by typing your URL bookmarks. And why wouldnt they, as even the definition on Googles own help centre states – user that typed your URL directly in their browser, or who had typed your website.


Google Analytics tutorial for Beginners

Nevertheless, this definition is extremely Misleading and inaccurate, as I will demonstrate with a simple screenshot: These guide sessions aren’t really that different from our organic traffic, right? Tons of new users in the direct segment this cant be all from prior users and bookmarks!

In order to understand what direct none in your Source Medium report really is you need to know at least a bit about the technical side of how Google Analytics is able to say where visitors to your site come from.


How does Google Analytics recognize referrer sources?

The web runs on protocols and likely the most used one is HTTP. The Referer field MUST NOT be sent if the Request URI was obtained from a resource which won’t have its own like input. Fundamentally, when a consumers browser is requesting a page on a site it can provide this Referer Field, which is then available to Google Analytics. GA reads and analyzes the value of the field, processes it and then displays it in your Source \/ Medium report. Make note that this field isn’t obligatory and also which it MUST NOT be set in the event the resource does not have a Distinctive Resource Identifier.

This may be important in just a second.


What’s Direct traffic in Google Analytics then?

The 2nd thing you will need to know in order to comprehend What direct sessions actually represent is how Google Analytics features traffic to traffic sources and mediums. Google has no idea if a user typed in a URL, if they used a bookmark or if something else happened. Let that really sink in and also to help that process, let’s see in what other cases the consumers browser won’t set the Referer field. The various kinds of Direct, a.k.a.

Unknown visitors

Here is an incomplete list of casinos i where a user will navigate to your site and Google Analytics will not know where the user came from so the sessions will be marked as direct / none : User types in a URL




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