Blogger Vs Wordpress

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger Vs WordPress
Blogger Vs WordPress

There are a lot of platforms for web blogging, where one may easily manage your blog and content. However, the question arises which web blogging platform is right for you,

Blogger vs WordPress vs Tumbler?

These are only 3 popular platforms, but there are many others besides these. We may not discuss everything, but we’ll talk about 2 popular web blogging platforms, which is WordPress and Blogger In the beginning, many bloggers use Blogger and after that WordPress gets shifted later. This doesn’t mean that Blogspot isn’t good. You may still find many popular blogs in the Blogspot platform. There are 2 versions of WordPress, One is and another

One is free and for the second you should get the hosting. We’ll talk about blogs in WordPress blog in this post. So let us start, which web blogging platform is better, Blogger or WordPress.



Blogger was started by a company called Pyra Labs and Google purchased it in 2003. Now or is Google’s property. All of its scripts and data are stored in Google, and you may not access its server. But while this remains in Google’s server, it means Google can delete your account whenever you want, and you may not claim any more for it.

Self-hosted WP, you’ve to install WordPress software in a hosting. You own it yourself. You can run it whenever you want, and you may close it whenever you want. You’ll have your data, which you can transfer later to another hosting.


Blogger has a simple management system with each blog, so that you may easily manage your blog. However, if you wish to add some extra to your calculations then it isn’t possible. Whatever options are given in it, you’ll have to work from that. WordPress is an open source software. has a lot of plugins, which gives new website new features.

By using plugins you can change a lot without touching your code in your blog.


Of the templates, I’m speaking about Template is a design that you may use to change the look of your blog. There are various nonofficial web sites that offer a free and premium version of premium, but they’re very low quality. By utilizing them, you or your users won’t be feeling a premium. There are plenty of free and premium templates available for WP blog or website.

Your blog or your company’s web site, you’ll find a better design theme than one. By using that you could give your blog feel and look. And changing to WordPress themes is simpler than Blogspot.


Google is the best website in the world and the blogger platform is hosted in its server. Nobody will easily hack your blog and Google will manage it easily just as much as you like.

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